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Made some quick iMessage stickers in 30 mins. Will push out one final Mast beta with these in it.

A lot of the things and people I admired when I was younger are really problematic to me now. Songs, movies, books, heroes. Now I can see them as sexist and racist and perpetuating patriarchy and basically cruel. This is not because I have become a better person; or was stupid and cruel then; it is because society has improved, and us with it. Somewhat. We have room to grow, room enough for our kids to look back on us now and our idiotic cruel ignorance that few today see...listen to them.

@tootapp what look / feel are you going for? I'd honestly love a couple different icon options too (maybe a good "premium" feature 😉)

There's a new way to sign up for the Toot! beta! Click this link:

Get in while you still can, beta testing will be ending soon... ish?

Finally, a new version!

This one has lots of stuff in it. I'm not going to be adding any more features now before the 1.0 release, and just focus on bugfixing and some minor polish for a little while.

“Move fast and break things” is bullshit.

Make good things with love and care.

Well, the in store exchange process was fairly painless. The Apple Store employee told me that all exchanges are recycled? Surely she meant sold as refurbished. Made me feel bad for returning it after only 6 days.
On the other hand iPhone Xs Max feels way better in use than any of the Pluses ever did to me. 👍🏻

Relativity, explained

🧓🏻🌎 🚀😄
💀🌎 🚀😄


In case anyone's interested, I wrote a looong post about why I'm leaving and how I'd like to see it improve:

@jamie Me too... But I just spent a lot of time implementing loading timelines in both directions, only to realise it doesn't actually work with Mastodon. Luckily Gargron is looking into fixing it, but I need to wait and see until it lands so I can version gate the feature. Working on more stuff while waiting.

When I am an evil overlord, none of my henchmen will be allowed to have social media accounts on which they can accidentally say the quiet thing out loud.

If you’re the sort of person who suddenly sits bolt upright in the middle of the night, gasping, “what the heck is going on with neutrinos??”, this article is for you (by me for @CosmosMagazine)

The world’s first time traveler was just a boy who created a machine. The moment before he first switched it on, he appeared to himself as an old man.

“Don’t,” the old man said.

The boy hesitated, but he remembered how angry he was at every adult who ever tried to hold him back.

“Fuck you, old man,” he said, smiled, and hit the switch.

In an instant, he was old, standing before his younger self.

“Don’t,” he said.

Wondering if I should update to that new feature right now 🤔

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