@tootapp The wheel is a little tough to use on a full-screen iPhone, as iOS now has gestures in that region so I accidentally trigger them pretty often.

Could you consider adding another way to quickly switch instances? Maybe swiping anywhere on the timeline, considering it doesn’t seem to be used at present.

@chartier It doesn’t misfire much at all for me... try to make sure to drag from the middle of the button. You don’t need to do a circular swipe, straight up is good enough.

@tootapp @chartier Apologies for intruding, but I feel the same way. I keep entering the app switcher or exiting the app with the swipe. Maybe raise the tap region slightly higher?


@JPEG @tootapp @chartier Sorry my further intrusion, but would an option to put the wheel on the left be possible? And/or changing the tap action for it to scroll up in current view instead of switching to timeline view?

@jamie @JPEG @chartier Tapping whatever tab you are in should scroll up. As for switching sides, I have an issue open for it and see the need, it’s just a lot of work.

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