Yet another new beta version of Toot! is out! This time, it's mostly small improvements and bugfixes.

* Character count on posting screen.
* Toned down CW.
* Better display of direct messages on toot screen.
* Show name of app on toot screen.
* Copy text of toots.
* Hashtags with non-ASCII characters should work now.
* Various other bugfixes.


@tootapp Best mastodon client I’ve seen so far! Only issue I have is instance switcher placement makes accidentally exiting or switching apps a little too easy to do. But I love the way it works otherwise. Maybe tapping on it should do something like switching timelines on current instance?
P.S. Please charge me for this when released or have pro subscription or something. 😉

@tootapp looks like I missed that tapping it is paging to newer toots in the timeline already. 😀

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